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The Rayvens CDs ....
AR CD-401 "Terror Cruise" is the Rayvens 2000 release. Great Songs and 1 loving Sky Martin cover.
AR CD-408 "Spank Me Santa" .. already a Christmas standard ..
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Sky Martin ..
AR CD-402 "Buckets of Sky Martin" 14 Gems! - "The collection that secretes... class!"
Fred's Action Theater Videos
AR DVD-601 "Fred's Action Theater: All! "All of the big movies! "The New Bowery Boys", "Club Feet of Death" and "Destination: The Past!".... test out that new home-entertainment-center with this collection and stand by for... Action!
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The Henchmen CD...
AR CD-431 "No Peas For Myself" - The Henchmen at their best, at their peak... at the helm of their first CD since 1966!
The Trybe CD....
AR CD-441 "Warpaint"- The Fabulous Trybe kickin' around some tunes at ACTIONLAND! Some Trybe songs.... some old chestnuts..... some fun!
Rayven's Extras...
AR CD-481 "Hey, Donny! Tapes"..... "ACME Piano Movers", "Donny's Back" some of these have appeared on other collections- but now you can get the whole portfolio!
AR CD-462 "Manny and the Professor... are Beachcombers". Original Surf tunes brought to you the Manny and Professor way- Cracking Beats and Twanging Guitars.
Real-Life Surf Instrumentals
AR CD-316 "FIRST", 14 Rocking tunes from the "Rickenbacker-saturated band" (K-RTRO). New Songs and some Rock and Roll favorites. Great for driving!