So It Goes

The Ironist believes that all human behavior, all social trends, all whim and fortune swing like the pendulum of a giant clock. The position of moderation, that rare instant in time when human behavior is in balance, suspended in space equidistant between two distasteful extremes is represented by the very bottom of the pendulums arch. Unfortunately for the Ironist, and everyone else come to think of it, the pendulum is never at rest in this position. It is of course much to busy to stop in this position, or for that matter any other position, being as it is so full of its own momentum, so anxious to obey the physical laws of the universe and rush of pell-mell to the opposite extreme from which its just come, one extreme creating its own and opposite extreme, over and over, ad infinitum.

Believing all this, it follows that when things are going the Ironist's way he worries about the inevitability of the time when they will be going someone elses'. In fact, the stronger and longer fortune smiles on the Ironist the more he must worry, for he knows down to the deepest muddle of his ironist soul that his days in the sun must and will spawn their own opposite and evil twin. Conversely, when the Ironist is down, crushed, depressed, he is filled with optimism and delight, knowing full well that his good time must follow as surely as day follows night.

So it goes for the Ironist. So it goes. So it goes.

-Just a little bit from "Gooks in the Wire"

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- Just a quick taste of the Ironist stories and thoughts.
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